The Pipe Will Never Be Fat Enough: Four Reforms To Deliver Competitive Broadband

Published by: SluggerO’

When the government recently pledged ‘gold standard full fibre’ broadband, a collective cheer went up. For a short while, until we reflected upon the fate of most such announcements, the realities of stuttering broadband, and the prospect of dealing with one of the big providers.

If Medics Treated Patients As Governments Treat the NHS, We’d All Be Dead

Published by: SluggerO’, Socialist Health Association

Another Secretary of State pushes determinedly, blindly on with NHS reforms, deluded in the notion that they alone can solve the great mystery of health.

My message is: no matter how well intentioned, your policy making is doomed to fail, as others have failed before you. May I humbly suggest another solution?

How Fake Are The Analyses Of ‘Fake News’?

Published by: SluggerO’

I keep reading these analyses by commentators and earnest academics on ‘fake news’, its fertilizer of social media, with Brexit and Trump its fruit.