Excellent read. Well argued and brilliantly put forward
I would seriously recommend that anyone disillusioned by gridlocked politics try reading @EdAStraw’s ‘Stand & Deliver’ #USMidtermElectionsTwitter
Ed Straw is fed up with the way the UK is governed and says it’s time for a revolution.BBC News Online
I can thoroughly recommend this book, insightful and relevant
Excellent read if you have an interest in constitutional affairs. Even if you don’t, it’s a well written, witty breakdown of how government should work.
An invaluable and weighty contributionProgress
Stand and Deliver is dense in that it is packed with detail, but it is also interesting 
and accessible. It would be a shame if Straw’s book was only read by policy wonks 
and political commentators. An irony, even. You the public need to read this book, 
or at the very least, look at the websiteThe Bookbag
Straw book calling for a government revolutionWales Online